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Whitetail Deer

Some of my whitetail bucks I've seen over the past few years. Deer have always been my favorite animal to shoot (with my camera that is)! All pics were taken in the Newton area in the last 7 years. 

Big NJ buck with Bushnell HD Trophy Cam in 2013

Was watching this buck all summer & got some good video & pics of him on multiple trail cams.

NJ Bucks in Velvet 2012

A pair of really nice whitetails in Andover township in August 2012.

NJ 9pt with Bushnell Trophy Cam HD taken in 2013

This is video taken with the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD in 2013 in my backyard in NJ.

Wildlife Eye 8pt

Big 8pt video taken with the now discontinued Wildife Eye video trail camera system.

8pt Andover, NJ buck. October 8, 2012

Really nice buck in Andover, NJ