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Among the many deer I've documented around my house the last 15yrs, one of my all time favorites was the buck I called "Double Throat Patch". So aptly named for his unique throat patch. I never thought I would be documenting him for 4 years after my first sighting but that's just what happened.




Since I hadn't seen him since September 2007 I was pretty sure he must've been killed. But I continued to look all summer & fall with no sightings at all. Then out of the clear blue while out on Christmas day, who do I see walking down the field? None other than DTP himself with a group of does! My excitement from seeing him alive soon went away as I realized his rack has regressed a lot from the previous year. As a 4 1/2yr old he should've really blew up instead he went the opposite. At least I had confirmation he was alive.Just makes you wonder where he was hiding for those 15 months! Unfortunately I didn't get any pics just this bit of video.

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Double Throat Patch Buck 2008

December 25, 2008-Only sighting of the buck I called "Double Throat Patch" buck.


After only one sighting in 2008, I was hoping he would show up sometime in summer. Well I saw him for the first time on July 3 & noticed something strange. His antlers were over a month behind in growth compared to the other bucks he was with. Over the next 2 months I saw him many times & got a lot of pics & video. The last time I saw him was September 12 when his antlers were fully grown. I got the video of him below but I never saw him again. It was a bummer as he was a really cool buck.

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Double Throat Patch Buck 2009

This was my last sighting of him ever on September 12, 2009. Don't know what ever happened to him.

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