Jeff Crawn Wildlife Photography - Sights of Sussex County, New Jersey
One of my favorite things to shoot are reptiles & amphibians. Snakes, turtles & frogs are not easy to shoot from the car but it can be done.

Eastern Box Turtle-DWGNRA
Red-eared Slider-Andover

Painted Turtle-Hampton

Snapping Turtle-Andover

Spotted Turtle-Andover

Diamondback Terrapin-Oceanville

Eastern Mud Turtle-Oceanville

Northern Red Belly Turtle(C) Backyard

Timber Rattlesnake-DWGNRA

Northern Water Snake-DWGNRA

Black Rat Snake-Andover
Black Rat Snake

Ringneck Snake-DWGNRA

Northern Red Belly Snake-DWGNRA

Eastern Milk Snake-DWGNRA

Eastern Ribbon Snake-Andover

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