Jeff Crawn Wildlife Photography - Sights of Sussex County, New Jersey

Here are a few of the amphibians I've been able to photograph in the county. Some are very common & others are quite rare to ever see around this area. There are still many others I'm trying to find so check back often as you never know when one might turn up.

Green Frog

Bull Frog

Gray Tree Frog (Gray Morph)

(Green Morph)

Chorus Frog

Fowlers Toad

Green Frog in my backyard pond.

Pickerel Frog from a friends yard.

My friend found this Red-spotted Newt in his backyard stream.

Another view of this brightly colored amphibian.

Northern Red Salamander same friend found at his house. Pretty rare find around here.

Marbled Salamander in DWGNRA at friends house. Really cool looking.

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